Ich Liebe Dich


I will be an aunt again soon – but this time it will be a nephew arriving!  So, of course I started on some more baby room art.  Nothing like a deadline to make me complete artwork – I love being forced to work.  This time around, I took a different approach, and strayed away from the more cutesy colors/motif.  Honestly, I have mixed feelings about the end result.  I am always my own worst critic, especially when I am making artwork for others.  It turned out a little darker on the bottom end than I anticipated, but hopefully once it is in the red frame I found, it isn’t too depressingly black and gray for a baby’s room.

I started with a watercolor background – sticking with grays and reds and some blue.  I used salt on the wet red paint to achieve the frost-like texture at the top of the red section.

Hammock, watercolor on paper, 18 x 24", July 2007.
Hammock, watercolor on paper, 18 x 24″, July 2007.

Liz, you may be getting a round 2  of your ich liebe dich, artwork in the near future.  I did this very same thing with a tropical island painting, see above, that I made for a friend’s wedding.  She asked to see my reject, and then liked it enough that she asked to have it as well.  I was so frustrated with the reject and the ugly shadow below the hammock, that I did not even take a photo.  The only image I have is of beach scene 2.0.

Ich Liebe Dich, watercolor & collage on paper, 8 x 11", July 2015.
Ich Liebe Dich, watercolor & collage on paper, 8 x 11″, July 2015.

After the painting background was dry, I created the words, “Ich liebe dich,” which means I love you in German, from magazine collage.  The finished baby art – primary colors with a hint of minty green.


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