Valentine’s Day 2014 – More BIG news!

Greta’s Valentine’s Day kicked off with a fun start at school.  She brought her crayons in to hand out to her friends.  She was so excited to have her first Valentine’s Day party – they made treat bags with stamps and traded Valentine’s.  Now my only challenge is to regulate the sugar consumption.

After an ultrasound appointment (yes, I know the sex of baby #2!), I was off to teach kindergarten students about making clay Olympic medals.  We used marker lids to create the rings of the Olympics.  They had so much fun, can’t wait to show you the end result after they are fired and decorated.  
Then, I had surprise flowers at work.  I didn’t open the card until I was home – hmmmm, who is Chandler?  Not sure.  Guess there is a twin to me somewhere out there who didn’t get her flowers from Chandler.  I called Hy-Vee, they were swamped, and said they’d look into it.  Meanwhile, the color and timing were a little eerie…

Greta and I made Valentine treats to surprise daddy when he got home.  Those are peanut butter M&M’s peeking out of those delicious oatmeal cookies.

One of Greta’s Valentine treats from the grandparents included small packs of sticky notes.  This girl and her sticky notes – she loves to creatively arrange them, write on them, and draw me pictures.  These are the mini modern artworks she made before dinner.  

Then, I moved on to tackling the job of sorting baby clothing while watching the Olympics.  These two large boxes and one large bag, contain most of the clothing that Greta has outgrown – newborn to 2T.  It is all being shipped off to Aunt Caroline who is expecting a girl.  So, Greta was right, we are having a boy!

Well, almost all of her clothing is going to Aunt Caroline.  Greta pulled a few of her favorites out to dress her doll.  


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Art teacher by day. Mother of 2 - day and night. Thrifter, crafter, artist, baker, chef, and DIYer in free time.

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