Minneapolis Weekend + Walking Dead Food

This is yet another one of those cell phone camera only posts.  I have been dropping the ball on my photography skills here lately.  However, it was our anniversary this past weekend and so we took off for Minneapolis for the weekend for a much needed relaxation time with my sister and her husband and friends.  

 Minneapolis was fully into autumn by the time we arrived.  It was a chilly and slightly rainy weekend.  We started off Friday evening with dinner with my sister.  Then on Saturday made a run to Ikea for Swedish pancakes and household items.  We managed to all nap (!) and then Eric and I took off to explore lock and dam #1 on the Mississippi River in Minneapolis.

 The mighty Mississippi is quite impressive, as were the fall colors along its bank this weekend.

Eric and I hung around long enough in the chilly weather to see 2 kayaks and 1 houseboat pass through the lock.  It has been years since I was last at Lake Superior watching the huge iron ships pass through its locks – hopefully we will go North again soon.

 Chilled to the bone, we decided to meet up with friends at a few of Minneapolis’ breweries.

Dangerous Man was first on the list.  The brewery is only a brewery, however, patrons are able to bring in their own food.  So we dined on wood fired pizza from Element Pizza whilst sipping Oktoberfest, Chocolate Milk Stouts, and ESBs.

We hopped over to Indeed Brewing next.  This place has a much larger bar area and a patio outside facing the train tracks – it reminded me of the Asheville beer scene so much.  The artwork on the shirts, cans, and 6 packs are all done by a local artist.  
We ended the night with polka music and drinks at Nye’s Polonaise Room.  This is a bar you truly must experience yourself – live polka music, a photo booth, gold glittery upholstered booths, and hearty Polish food.  No photos I can take will ever do it justice.  I do however regret that there are no photos of my sister or our friends from this weekend.  I am sorry, I guess I did not remember to take photos, and when I did, they were horrible with blurriness galore.  I guess it just means we are destined to be in Minneapolis again soon!

We drove back to Des Moines on Sunday to a very excited daughter.  She spent the weekend with grandparents, very willingly, I might add.  This family portrait captures her love of rolling around trying to knock us over (onto the lovely new rug in the living room).

Greta was in bed by 6:30 and then it was time for Walking Dead.  My decor was all ready and lit for the occasion.

I made a three course zombie theme meal – zombie teeth appetizers.  These consisted of apple slices with peanut butter, and corn nuts for teeth.  The original idea (from Pinterest, of course) used almonds for teeth, but I found corn nuts to be a whole lot creepier and tastier.

Zombie pizza was next.  This consisted of two sheets of puff pastry wound around in a 9 x 13″ pan.  It was then smothered in pasta sauce and topped with shredded Parmesan cheese and dried tomatoes.  Bake it in the oven for 20 – 25 minutes at 425 or until slightly browned on the top.  The original idea comes form My Crazy Life.

The final touch to this zombie meal isn’t as zombie-like as the first two ideas, but it was equally as tasty and easy to make.  Dirt Dessert is simply layers of chocolate pudding, crumbled Oreo cookies, whipped topping, and red raspberries.  Top with a gummy worm for a little more Halloween fun.  

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