Meatless Monday Night Mexican

I had a large bag of sweet peppers left over from grilling this weekend and after eating them raw at lunch today, figured I needed to find a way to use them in dinner.  I love playing the use-what’s-in-the-cupboard-fridge game, especially when it means using food before it goes bad.  There is nothing I hate more than finding a bag of moldy produce in the fridge.

Tonight’s use-it-up dinner was fajitas with tortillas and a side of beans & rice.

Two of my favorite ingredients in Mexican food are the Nueva Cocina seasoning packets and the Gardein meatless porducts.  I used the beefless tips tonight.  The Nueva Cocina Chipotle is a perfect spicy sweet blend with spices, raisins, and Chipotle peppers – one of my favorite flavors on earth.  The Gardein meatless products are so tasty – they are egg free, a good source of protein and made with a blend of ancient grain flour and tasty spices.  
For my fajitas, I sauteed half a white onion in cooking oil, added 6 to 7 chopped small sweet peppers, and added in 2 cups chopped mushroom.  I sauteed all of this for about 15 minutes on medium low heat while my rice cooked and black beans simmered on low.  Then, I added the Chipotle taco seasoning packet, plus 1 cup of water, the beefless tips, and simmered the entire mixture for about 10 minutes more or until most of the liquid was gone.  
I served the veggie mixture in warmed tortillas and the beans & rice on the side. 
In other news, we are still working on a kitten name and after a vet visit today, we know he is a he.  Any name suggestions?  

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