New couch and new pillows

Eric and I bought a new couch from a local store called Area, about a month ago but it only showed up last week.  It is the most adult-like piece of furniture we own, also one of the few brand-new, never been used pieces of furniture.  We opted for a neutral gray/brown color that wouldContinue reading “New couch and new pillows”

My Annual Black Friday Boycott

Today I am celebrating National Buy Nothing Day.  A great thanks to adbusters for this image.   Black FridayThe day when retailers move back into the black and out the red by consumers lured by cheap video games, door busters, and chintzy things that have been overpriced all year.  Black Friday, the dreaded shopping holiday inContinue reading “My Annual Black Friday Boycott”

Lauren’s birthday print – Day of the Dead

 Skeleton Woman in Purple Chair, collage on paper, 2010. My long(est) time friend, Lauren expressed interest in a Day of the Dead collage for her birthday.  This photograph is the finished product.  The frame was a perfect find – as soon as I saw it I knew that Lauren had to have it and soContinue reading “Lauren’s birthday print – Day of the Dead”