Dining Room Table

One of the things I had on my summer to-do list was to decide on what to do with my dining room chairs.  They are in the image below – boring light wooden chairs from Target that I bought when I first moved to Greensboro more than a decade ago.  The chair story also involvesContinue reading “Dining Room Table”

Go West (via Prisma App)

My current favorite app is Prisma – I’ve been using it on some of our photos from our trip out West and the results are stunning. It’s almost enough to make me want to just use this app and not paint. Actually, if anything it inspires me to turn more of my photos into paintings.Continue reading “Go West (via Prisma App)”

Bleached Bones + Beetles

Quite frankly, this is a post I have been wanting to write but also avoiding like the plague.  It will easily be one of my most personal posts to-date, as it shares parts of my childhood history.  I have always collected objects and items from the natural world – having amassed a large rock and insectContinue reading “Bleached Bones + Beetles”