Veggie Chorizo & Egg Taco

We have been back in Iowa for a couple weeks now, enjoying lots of family time and putting in long hours of work at the new house.  We are currently shuttling back and forth between parents’ house and our new house so that we don’t have to live in the mess. Recently, we had aContinue reading “Veggie Chorizo & Egg Taco”

Summer Solstice + Roasted Tofu and Peanut Noodle Salad

Oh yum oh yum.  This easy and cheap meal comes from one of my favorite magazines out there – Eating Well.  My mom requested that I make it for our summer solstice friend and family gathering on the 21st of June this year.  I served it cold, which was nice, since I made it aheadContinue reading “Summer Solstice + Roasted Tofu and Peanut Noodle Salad”

A Greensboro Goodbye + Move to Iowa

This is a lengthy post and long overdue.  But, I felt I had to put in some effort, in saying good bye to a place and a group of people who have captured my heart for the past eight years.  The goodbyes started with one last dinner at Sticks & Stones Wood Fired Pizza.  OhContinue reading “A Greensboro Goodbye + Move to Iowa”

Ceramic Buttons to Melted Wine Bottles

  Life hasn’t been all packing and boxes lately – I have had some time to create.  I made some fun buttons, pendants, and magnets this spring.  I am going to explore button-making further this summer and into the next school year.  I am sensing some fun projects for the kiddos to come from this.Continue reading “Ceramic Buttons to Melted Wine Bottles”

The Flying Circus Whirlwind Trip to Iowa

Oh my, how much can change in the span of a week.  Our house is so quiet these days, as these two doofuses are now residents of the state of Iowa.  We flew to Iowa a couple weekends ago to drop the cats off with my parents, look at houses, and for me to interviewContinue reading “The Flying Circus Whirlwind Trip to Iowa”

Chili Coconut Cornbread + Memorial Weekend Grilling

I am way behind on this blog here lately. It is because our house is quickly being put away into boxes. My little superhero is doing better than I expected as things get boxed up and put away.  She did discover the joys of stomping on bubble wrap. We made time over Memorial Day WeekendContinue reading “Chili Coconut Cornbread + Memorial Weekend Grilling”