DIY Felted Wool Balls

I made sets of these felted balls a few years ago as presents for friends and family members.  Put them together in sets – half in one color, half in another, with a smaller different colored felted ball and you have an indoor bocce ball set.  Start with felted wool sweaters.  To felt sweaters, takeContinue reading “DIY Felted Wool Balls”

Margarita Mandarin Jell-o w/ Coconut Whipped Cream

This weekend went by so quickly!  We started off with outdoor movie night on Friday with a few friends.  I made a cake for a friend’s half birthday and decided to throw in another adult-only dessert for the evening.  We are into full-fledge use it up mode around here.  If we don’t use it inContinue reading “Margarita Mandarin Jell-o w/ Coconut Whipped Cream”

Printer’s Shelf turned Jewelry Storage

This printer’s shelf was a wedding gift from a friend and admittedly it has been hanging out in my art room for quite some time.  Having seen various ways to turn these into lovely works of art for displaying jewelry, I decided to take this in my own direction, and make it a memento ofContinue reading “Printer’s Shelf turned Jewelry Storage”

DIY Beer Flight Sampler Paddle [How-To]

In response the great interest in the first installation of the DIY Beer Sample Paddle, I have another post for you on this very same topic.  This time however, there are more detailed images and steps to explain the process.  There are no plans however, as the design seen above was drawn free-form.  Eric wroteContinue reading “DIY Beer Flight Sampler Paddle [How-To]”

Israeli Couscous & Creamy Mushroom Bake

I love to modify old favorites to make a familiar meal feel new and refreshed.  That’s exactly where this next recipe’s origins are – a childhood recipe that has already been featured on here once before in the form of Curried Oat Cakes.  I swapped out a few items and added in some others forContinue reading “Israeli Couscous & Creamy Mushroom Bake”

Spiced Corn on the Cob

One thing I am really looking forward to about the move back to Iowa is sweet corn.  There is nothing like sinking your teeth into fresh sweet corn on the cob.  I mourned sweet corn during the years I had braces and could not wait for the day to have them removed – the dayContinue reading “Spiced Corn on the Cob”

Banana Gluten-Free Pancakes

I have a lovely Mother’s Day idea for y’all.  Or maybe just a new pancake idea to try this weekend.  Either way, they are sure to please – bananas paired with millet flour makes a sweet but filling cake.  They are sugar-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free to boot.  I enjoyed them this morning with my hazelnutContinue reading “Banana Gluten-Free Pancakes”

Coffee Filter Flower Card

One of my art teacher roles is often to teach my students that the hand made gifts are truly the best. This is an easy project that is fun for all ages.  You should have seen my seventh grade students working on this yesterday – the enthusiasm made my day.    If your peonies don’t likeContinue reading “Coffee Filter Flower Card”

Ginger [sugar-free] Chocolate Cake

Yum to this cake.  This vegan cake recipe has proven to be a regular in this household.  It is so moist and fluffy without being at all complicated.  One would never know it is a vegan recipe, either.   The idea came to me whilst shopping in my favorite local health grocery store, Earth Fare.Continue reading “Ginger [sugar-free] Chocolate Cake”

Pinto & Corn Quesadilla Bake

This is a perfect weeknight meal and you can easily substitute the beans and corn for other pantry staples.  It was a crowd-pleaser, it is filling, quick & simple, and can be made for meat-lovers, vegetarians, vegans, and foodies alike.  Start with salsa or enchilada sauce of your choice – I used salsa verde.  LayerContinue reading “Pinto & Corn Quesadilla Bake”