The Best Cookies Ever

….proclaimed Eric.  Actually he said, “These are the best cookies you have ever made.” Followed by a quick, “Good thing you didn’t make the whole batch or I would sit here and eat them all night.” Followed by, “Seriously, you can make those anytime you want.”   This time I used a mixture of Truvia andContinue reading “The Best Cookies Ever”

Dreaming of Key West + Lemon Garlic Roasted Carrots

Key West, Florida is a family favorite locale.  My parents and sister have been there more frequently than Eric and I – we have only been twice now.  I know, the shame!  Poor Greta has yet to experience Key West.  I have been daydreaming of spring break trips this year, as we are not likelyContinue reading “Dreaming of Key West + Lemon Garlic Roasted Carrots”

Mommy’s Musings on Moving

Last weekend we went to the RV show – a great activity on a cold, wet night.  It was fun to climb inside the various RVs and imagine trying to vacation this way.  Some of them legitimately have more square footage than our house!  Greta loved running up and down the red carpeted aisles.  SheContinue reading “Mommy’s Musings on Moving”

Tofu Hot Soup

If you are struggling to stay healthy, struggling to work vegetables into your diet, struggling to make it through to spring – I have a soup recipe just for you.  This hit the spot for us this week, and I will tell you it was 100 times better the following day as a leftover.  IContinue reading “Tofu Hot Soup”

Cauliflower & Navy Bean Pasta

This easy and filling pasta takes no time at all.  It is vegetarian and can be vegan with the absence of that sprinkling of Parmesan cheese on top.   To make this recipe, you need cauliflower, diced tomatoes, navy beans, garlic, fresh herbs, and pasta.  That’s all! The fresh herbs came from my garden –Continue reading “Cauliflower & Navy Bean Pasta”

Small Bathroom Remodel

So theme in our house was obviously update & remodel.  We knew this going into this house.  The tricky thing was updating in a way that we were happy with but would not price us out of the neighborhood.  This is something to consider and be careful of in any house and any neighborhood. OhContinue reading “Small Bathroom Remodel”

Mudroom Makeover

I just love the satisfaction of before and after photographs.  They make the sweat & frustration of a project worthwhile.  They are even sweeter when your partner (who is not always on board when it comes to paint) is amazed at the transformation.  Read on to find out how we turned an under-used, mostly adultContinue reading “Mudroom Makeover”

Happy Valentine’s Day + Vegan Chocolate Cherry Cake

It’s not too late to make this sweet treat for your Valentine.  It is fast, simple, and takes very minimal prep time.   I spread out on the dining room table last night to make this cake for Eric, who actually requested a cake.  Usually if I start talking baking on a weeknight there isContinue reading “Happy Valentine’s Day + Vegan Chocolate Cherry Cake”

Handmade Valentine’s Cards

I’m back with more handmade Valentine’s card ideas.  This time, I mixed things up a bit and used pen and ink as the background to my old advertising book collage.  I love the classic car in this image.   The Iowa collage is for an Iowa transplant friend here in Greensboro.  I saved a coupleContinue reading “Handmade Valentine’s Cards”