Gluten-free Black Forest Cake + Christmas Day

This chocolate cake was wildly delicious and one would never guess it was gluten-free!  My mother in law has a plethora of gluten-free baking and food items around the house due to gluten intolerance.  This particular cake was made from the Williams-Sonoma Ad Hoc Gluten Free Cake Mix.  This mix is more expensive than others,Continue reading “Gluten-free Black Forest Cake + Christmas Day”

Honey Cake + Christmas Birthday

My grandmother’s birthday is Christmas Day.  As kids, we would drive to Minneapolis to celebrate with her on Christmas Day.  We have started celebrating it on Christmas Eve now that she lives in Des Moines.  This year, I decided to use this cake recipe since her nickname is Honey and a Christmas birthday is often overlookedContinue reading “Honey Cake + Christmas Birthday”

Lefse + Christmas Eve Celebration

Christmas means lefse time in our household! Christmas has always been celebrated on my side of the family on Christmas Eve.  Originally, it was just the four of us – my parents, sister, and me.  We would make Christmas dinner, go to the candlelight church service, and then come home to bundle up and ice skateContinue reading “Lefse + Christmas Eve Celebration”

6 State Tour – NC to IA

Home for Christmas via cell phone photos. We left after work and headed west to avoid the snow storms in West Virginia and Virginia.  We hit the mountains of Western North Carolina and Tennessee in the dark.  We stayed in a Red Roof Inn in Lexington, Kentucky with our dog, child, presents, and luggage.  Greta wasContinue reading “6 State Tour – NC to IA”

Asparagus & Gruyere Quiche

Quiche is easily one of the most satisfying and tasty any time of the day meals, if you ask me.  Everyone in my family loves it – well except my sister.  Poor thing hates eggs and my parents have raised chickens specifically for eggs since we were middle school students.   Anyway, I adapted this recipeContinue reading “Asparagus & Gruyere Quiche”

DIY Drawstring Bags + Hand Made Wooden Blocks

I whipped up a couple of these to wrap some of my home made gifts in this year.  I have a bunch of holiday fabric leftover from the advent calendar project and so am using it up little by little.  I will do my best attempt at explaining this project, but will admit readily thatContinue reading “DIY Drawstring Bags + Hand Made Wooden Blocks”

Chick Pea Potato Soup

I made this soup on Friday to bring to a work gathering – I love it because it is simple, hearty, and easy to make.  I ended up adding quite a bit of curry to the leftovers, after the party.  This recipe makes a very large batch, so if you want less, cut this recipeContinue reading “Chick Pea Potato Soup”

Super Hero Cape

I found this tutorial online on how to make a super hero cape for kids and decided to give a go.  There are two little boys who (hopefully) will love these.  I opted for a synthetic satin fabric with accents made from iron on letters and circles of contrasting fabric.   The slippery fabric gaveContinue reading “Super Hero Cape”

Egg Nog French Toast Casserole

I have the perfect holiday or Sunday brunch item for you – Egg Nog French Toast Casserole.  This is what my family was eating Thanksgiving morning with out ginormous newspaper stuffed full of ads.  Normally I would not touch egg nog with a 10 foot stick, I hate the stuff, but for some reason thisContinue reading “Egg Nog French Toast Casserole”