Enchilada Casserole

This is another classic dinner in our house for two reasons: 1. It is fast, easy, and filling.   2. This recipe can be easily adapted and changed depending on the items you have on hand.  You will need 1 can refried beans, 1 can corn (or substitute frozen corn, fresh or frozen sliced bellContinue reading “Enchilada Casserole”

Garlic Rosemary Potatoes

These beautiful autumn days make me want to bake and cook the comfort foods.  One combination our household can never get enough of is garlic + rosemary + potatoes.   With the long growing season in North Carolina I am still harvesting green beans (okra, tomatoes, and peppers, too), so this dish was half homeContinue reading “Garlic Rosemary Potatoes”

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Brownies + Halloween Costumes

These Pumpkin Cream Cheese Brownies, courtesy of Betty Crocker, are the perfect Halloween dessert.     I made them this weekend to take along to a Halloween party, but more on that in a minute.   In a bowl, or mixing stand, combine 3 oz of cream cheese, softened, 1/2 cup canned pumpkin puree, 1Continue reading “Pumpkin Cream Cheese Brownies + Halloween Costumes”

Easy Halloween Garland

I love sewing with paper – it’s my new favorite go-to decor project.  Here’s my 30 minutes or less Halloween paper garland.   I started with some orange paper – left over from when I thought I was going to make my own wedding invitations – ha!  This paper has beautiful strands of colorful fibersContinue reading “Easy Halloween Garland”

Cornmeal Fish Sticks

Behold the new favorite fried meal in our house – Cornmeal Fish Sticks with Chipotle ketchup and baked acorn squash.   We have a local mill in town and they make the best stone ground corn meal.  I pulled this good stuff out the other night for an easy fish stick recipe that is sureContinue reading “Cornmeal Fish Sticks”

Fig Cake & Chili Cook-off Results

Saturday was a beautiful day for the Lindley Park Chili Cook-off.  After a day of playing outside, raking leaves, and working on some projects, we headed down to the neighborhood party.  There were plenty of picnic tables set up, an area for a UNCG band to play, and plenty of room for the chili.  Continue reading “Fig Cake & Chili Cook-off Results”

Smoky Beer Chili

It’s Lindley Park Chili Cook-off Day!  So, if you are in Greensboro area and would like to try some chili, stop by from 4 to 7 PM today.  You can vote for my creation there, or you can try making it for yourself.   Mommy’s Medley Smoky Beer Chili.   The fire roasted diced tomatoesContinue reading “Smoky Beer Chili”

French Toast Waffle Sandwiches

French Toast Waffle Sandwiches are this households’ favorite brinner food – they are easy, filling, and fun to make.  The best part is that each person can tailor this meal to his or her flavors.   First, start with dry bread.  You can dry it in the oven for a few minutes, if need be.Continue reading “French Toast Waffle Sandwiches”

North Carolina State Fair

This weekend we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary, I did a practice run of chili for the Lindley Park Chili Cook-off on the 20th (more to come on this topic), we ate fair food, and we visited an art museum.   We headed off to the North Carolina State Fair in celebration this past weekend.Continue reading “North Carolina State Fair”

Dark Chocolate Almond Cake

We recently celebrated a colleague’s birthday with cake during our lunch time planning and I volunteered to make the cake this time around.  I figured it was only fair to use more of the leftover chocolate bars from the PE fundraiser to make a cake for my colleagues.  Hence the dark chocolate almond cake.  StirContinue reading “Dark Chocolate Almond Cake”