Sweet & Spicy Corn Muffins

There is just something about the beginning of school that makes me want to go back to childhood favorite foods.  Cornbread is one of the highlights.   This time for my recipe, I pulled out my cooking Bible – The Joy of Cooking, the 1975 edition.  This edition still has recipe gems such as: bear,Continue reading “Sweet & Spicy Corn Muffins”

Octopus Sculpture

The week before school begins, the art teachers have the joy of coming together and making art.  We are treated to a workshop that allows for our own creative endeavors, a new lesson plan idea, and a chance to remember what it feels like to be a student learning about art. This year we wentContinue reading “Octopus Sculpture”

Slow Cooker French Toast

Well, summer’s over.  Tomorrow is the first day back to school with the kids.  You know what that means – the time of year when this phrase is uttered in our two-teacher household: “I’m too tired to cook dinner tonight, it’s your turn.”  So what is the solution, other than to spend a fortune onContinue reading “Slow Cooker French Toast”

Iowa State Fair

Is this Heaven? No, Iowa.  We went to the Iowa State Fair on two separate days.  Both days were beautifully cool.  Here is a sampling of our fun.  We ate caramel apples,  egg on a stick,  milkshakes, ice,  veggie corn dogs,  Iowa craft beer,  honey lemonade, cinnamon rolls,  and Bauder’s peppermint ice cream sandwiches.  EdiblesContinue reading “Iowa State Fair”

Western Vacation: Yellowstone to Iowa

We got up early and to drive from Yellowstone to Iowa.  As we loaded the last of the items into the car, we heard wolves howling.   We dropped out of the mountains fairly quickly.   And then it was fairly flat.  We saw an RV pulling a tractor.  We saw a dog launcher. InterestingContinue reading “Western Vacation: Yellowstone to Iowa”

Western Vacation: Old Faithful area

We got early the first morning at Old Faithful and hiked to the top of the Observation Point. It commanded a wide view of Old Faithful Inn, the geyser basin, and Old Faithful Geyser.  Greta was bundled up – not used to 40 degrees in the morning!   Old Faithful Geyser was warming up forContinue reading “Western Vacation: Old Faithful area”

Western Vacation: Colter Bay to Old Faithful

It was a full day of exploring for Greta and Dina – from Colter Bay, to thermal features, to Old Faithful.   We started the morning out early and headed up to Signal Mountain.  Aptly named with its cell phone tower and nice views.   The Tetons are not visible due to a large standContinue reading “Western Vacation: Colter Bay to Old Faithful”

Western Vacation: Tetons Hike

We took a baby-free day to hike way up into the Tetons to see these beauties.   But first, we had some questionable weather.  Just after breakfast, the skies opened up to thunderous, pouring, cold rain.    We took a chance, based on what we saw on the radar, and decided to keep going.  Continue reading “Western Vacation: Tetons Hike”

Western Vacation: Grand Tetons

After a night at Mammoth, we headed south through Yellowstone, toward the Grand Tetons, stopping at a few attractions along the way.   First we saw Roaring Mountain.  This thermal feature is an entire mountain side covered in steaming vents.   We stopped at Norris Geyser Basin, next.  This is a large area with manyContinue reading “Western Vacation: Grand Tetons”

Western Vacation: Mammoth Hot Springs

After a lovely night in Red Lodge and a full view from the Beartooth, we moved on to Mammoth Hot Springs.  Mammoth is nice because of its village feel.  It has a main lodge, cabins with or without hot tubs, a general store, gas station, restaurant, grill, visitor center and museum, and its own boardwalksContinue reading “Western Vacation: Mammoth Hot Springs”