First Birthday: Cakes

Utter and totally exhausting exploding cake night. Sigh. I should be in bed right now.  But instead I am waiting on the second cake to cool COMPLETELY.  Why do I even bother with pretty bundt pans?  I torture myself at least once a year with this problem. Ok, rewind time. I started with the recipeContinue reading “First Birthday: Cakes”

First Birthday: Decorations

I have lost a great deal of art & sewing time this week, due to Greta cutting back on her naps drastically.  She used to take at least two 1-hour naps, sometimes 2-hour naps per day.  The increased wake time has increased her interest in everything.  It has been so much fun to spend timeContinue reading “First Birthday: Decorations”

Dutch Baby Heads & Baby Bibs

Eric is a master chef when it comes to breakfast.  I am a lucky woman in that I get a restaurant style breakfast – eggs, toast, and hot coffee at least 3 to 4 days a week, even during the school year.  We are not cold cereal people and will take the couple extra minutesContinue reading “Dutch Baby Heads & Baby Bibs”

Curried Whole Cauliflower

Whoa was this an easy crowd pleaser at our house!  This veggie is sure to become a mainstay in our heavy rotation meals.  The recipe comes from the April 2012 issue of Eating Well. What you need:1 large head cauliflower1/2 cup mayo2 tablespoons curry paste What you do: 1. Remove leaves and trim woody coreContinue reading “Curried Whole Cauliflower”

Boozy Snooki Peach Pie

What is one of the best things about living in the South? Peaches, of course! The following is the making of my Boozy Snooki Pie, using the vodka crust.  Great thanks to Instagram, which is now my favorite app. I use my trusty pie recipe wheel.  My sister got the template from Martha Stewart andContinue reading “Boozy Snooki Peach Pie”

Veggie Frittata for Baby

As Greta grows, one of the most exciting things, for me, has been trying out new foods with her.  It amazes me how she responds so enthusiastically to any Indian food, black beans, any cheese, yogurt, toast, pancakes, and crunchy foods.  However, squishy foods such as bananas & blueberries are suspect, blueberry waffles made forContinue reading “Veggie Frittata for Baby”

Monday, (last) Monday

This weekend yielded the first pepper from the garden.  We have several beautiful tomatoes going, unripe red raspberries, bountiful her garden, and okra plants going strong.  I finally got around to filling one of the raised beds and planting some peas and beans.  It will be a late crop, but oh well.      IContinue reading “Monday, (last) Monday”

Falafel-breaded Tilapia

Last night’s dinner was easy-breezy and oh so tasty.   Best of all, it contained things sitting in my cupboard and freezer, which meant  no decision making time wasted. The menu: Pan-fried falafel breaded tilapia Pesto mashed potatoes Lemony edamame with broccoli Cheesy peppered crescent rolls The process for last night’s meal is as follows.Continue reading “Falafel-breaded Tilapia”