Wedding weekend via Instagram

3 airports.  1 sleepy baby. The peonies held out for the wedding. The view from our hotel, The W, in the Foshay tower.  Quality breakfast time with Papa.  Quality time with Morsmor. Ready for the rehearsal.  Pretty hair at the salon.  Beautiful arrangements at the Semple Mansion.  Pretty dresses. Smiling couple.  Family portrait at theContinue reading “Wedding weekend via Instagram”

Meatless Monday Night Mexican

I had a large bag of sweet peppers left over from grilling this weekend and after eating them raw at lunch today, figured I needed to find a way to use them in dinner.  I love playing the use-what’s-in-the-cupboard-fridge game, especially when it means using food before it goes bad.  There is nothing I hateContinue reading “Meatless Monday Night Mexican”

Weekend Warrior

Why am I a weekend warrior? Because, this was the weekend before Caroline’s wedding (which means I need to write a speech!),  the weekend before the new end-of-the-year schedule begins and marathon teaching starts (no more fun projects during planning), the weekend of the Warrior Dash race, the weekend to pack (for the wedding), theContinue reading “Weekend Warrior”

Goodwill find of the week plus easy weeknight dinner

We swung by Goodwill this afternoon after work.  We had planned to go for a walk due to our awesome crock pot planning yesterday afternoon, however the rainy weather had other plans for us.  So Goodwill it was.  I perused through the kids’ section and on the way out,  up on a rack above someContinue reading “Goodwill find of the week plus easy weeknight dinner”

Oak Island, NC weekend

We spent last weekend at the beach, at Oak Island, NC.  I had not been to this part of the North Carolina coast before and was not let down in the least.  We stayed in a house right on the beach and enjoyed the easy access to the water.  It was lovely to spend timeContinue reading “Oak Island, NC weekend”

Cosmic Dance of the Universe

I finished this watercolor painting of Shiva and the Cosmic Dance of the Universe, before Easter.  It was one I have been working on for a little while.  I used a photo of a statue from a college text book as inspiration, Art of India.  The painting was for some friends for the upcoming celebrationContinue reading “Cosmic Dance of the Universe”