Day of the Dead Tablecloth

The new tablecloth in the dining room.  Today was a busy project day – perfect for a rainy afternoon.  Eric worked on refinishing a rocking chair that was a prize trash day find (will post that later) while I worked on this tablecloth and a chocolate and cherry cake.   My mom sent me anotherContinue reading “Day of the Dead Tablecloth”

Concrete is beautiful

I seem to be thinking about concrete frequently these days.  I got the buyer’s guide to Dwell magazine and am enthralled with the useful and decorative properties of concrete in the home.  I find myself wishing we had considered other options for our tiled bathroom floor.  We put in unfinished ceramic tile before we movedContinue reading “Concrete is beautiful”

tee shirt up-cyling

One of my favorite craft books, Generation T, inspired me to start using my tee shirts for something other than quilts.  I have two tee shirt quilts already, though I admit they were both made by my mother.  This book offers a great starting point with easy, moderate, to difficult projects.  One of my moreContinue reading “tee shirt up-cyling”